11 September 2018

Ferocious is an exciting new product exclusively distributed by HydroGarden!

Based on a patent pending new technology that has not previously been seen in the market. The technology is based on water itself and contains concentrated forms of Oxygen and Hydrogen.

The increased levels of Hydrogen and Oxygen increases the plants ability to uptake nutrients and jump starts hydrolysis within the plant, the first step in energy generation.

With more energy available, the plant will be able to grow stronger, bigger and achieve a greater yield.

- 11% to 30% yield increases in provable commercial trials.
- Non-Toxic Concentrate - This is based on the chemistry of water, no risk of chemical imbalance.
- For best results use at the start and throughout your nutrient regimeSimple to use.
- Regardless of what nutrients are already being used – Just add ferocious.

For more information on Ferocious, visit the Jungle Control Website.