PLANT!T offers a complete range of products for indoor and outdoor growing. PLANT!T includes  a whole selection of hobby systems for an introduction in to hydroponic growing.
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GoGro 25L Module - without Pot
Item No. 01-075-020
GoGro 15L Module - without Pot
Item No. 01-075-015
GoGro 25L Module
Item No. 01-075-010
GoGro 15L Module
Item No. 01-075-005
gemini System
Item No. 01-060-050
aeros IV master System
Item No. 01-060-020
13mm - 4mm Cross Connector
Item No. 13-615-015
PLANT!T 1.2m² Flexible Tray
Item No. 12-555-125
PLANT!T 1m² Flexible Tray
Item No. 12-555-120
PLANT!T YoYo - Box of 8
Item No. 10-480-020
PLANT!T pH Meter
Item No. 09-410-100
PLANT!T Vermiculite 100L Bag
Item No. 02-070-005
PLANT!T Perlite 100L Bag
Item No. 02-065-005
GoGro Inlet Grommet
Item No. 01-075-530
GoGro Valve Float Lid
Item No. 01-075-525
GoGro Valve Pillar Support
Item No. 01-075-520
GoGro Tray Collar
Item No. 01-075-515
GoGro Tray Lid
Item No. 01-075-510
GoGro Tray
Item No. 01-075-505
GoGro Valve
Item No. 01-075-500
GoGro Line Extension Kit Bag
Item No. 01-075-555
aeros I System
Item No. 01-060-010
aeros Module
Item No. 01-060-005
PLANT!T 500L Flexible Tank
Item No. 01-045-515
PLANT!T Bucket Lid
Item No. 01-010-317
PLANT!T Tub Outlet Screen
Item No. 13-600-130
PLANT!T L system Tank Cover
Item No. 01-030-260
4mm Barb Cross - Pack of 50
Item No. 13-630-025
PLANT!T 25mm Tub Outlet - 1"
Item No. 13-600-110
PLANT!T 13mm Tub Outlet - 1/2"
Item No. 13-600-100
PLANT!T 1100L Flexible Tank
Item No. 01-045-525
PLANT!T 780L Flexible Tank
Item No. 01-045-520
PLANT!T XL system Tank Cover
Item No. 01-030-265
PLANT!T M system Tank Cover
Item No. 01-030-255
PLANT!T S system Tank Cover
Item No. 01-030-250
PLANT!T Large F&D Table Cover
Item No. 01-030-210
PLANT!T 19mm Tub Outlet - 3/4"
Item No. 13-600-105
PLANT!T Small F&D Table Cover
Item No. 01-030-200
PLANT!T Medium F&D Table Cover
Item No. 01-030-205
PLANT!T Medium Tank - 100L
Item No. 01-045-305
PLANT!T 250L Flexible Tank
Item No. 01-045-510
PLANT!T 100L Flexible Tank
Item No. 01-045-505
PLANT!T 60L Flexible Tank
Item No. 01-045-500
PLANT!T Circular Water Timer
Item No. 01-045-130
PLANT!T Water Timer
Item No. 01-045-125
PLANT!T Watering Ring
Item No. 01-045-115
atlas XLD Pot Dripper Kit
Item No. 01-030-810
atlas XL18 - 18 Pot System
Item No. 01-030-805
atlas XL12 - 32 Pot System
Item No. 01-030-800
atlas LD Pot Dripper Kit
Item No. 01-030-710
atlas L18 - 9 Pot System
Item No. 01-030-705
atlas L12 - 16 Pot System
Item No. 01-030-700
PLANT!T 20L Bucket
Item No. 01-010-312
4mm Barb Tee - Pack of 50
Item No. 13-630-020
titan XL Flood and Drain Kit
Item No. 01-030-065
atlas M12 - 8 Pot System
Item No. 01-030-600
atlas M18 - 6 Pot System
Item No. 01-030-605
atlas MD Pot Dripper kit
Item No. 01-030-610
titan M Flood and Drain Kit
Item No. 01-030-055
13mm Inline Filter
Item No. 13-630-130